29. - 31. August 2017
Bremen, Germany

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Towers for Wind Turbines Agenda

The conference aims to:
  • Discuss latest developments of materials and connections to save costs
  • Identify cost drivers to understand site specific requirements and reduce LCOE.
  • Hear about sophisticated tower concepts for higher hub heights to further boost energy production
  • Gain insight into the coming IEC61400-6 for towers and foundations and certification guidelines
  • Identify new aspects in foundation development and lifetime extension
  • Exchange transportable large scale tower concepts to overcome design limits


Tower Concepts for Increased Hub Height

When it comes to choosing the optimum tower concept, the main criteria are technical feasibility and economic viability.How to decide between possible tower types in various heights?

In Search of Standard Types and Cracks

When it comes tochoosing the optimum tower concept, the main criteria are technical feasibility and economic viability.How to decide between possibletower types in various heights?

New Tower Concepts for Increased Hub Heights

 As the Wind Industry continues to grow, all trends are toward producing more power and lowering the cost of energy

The development of towers for onshore turbines is being driven by those same issues, and one of the key areas of development is in tower height. It is much more of a factor onshore than it is offshore, as the conditions on land tend to favor elevated hubs in terms of increased energy production. 

Press Release: 5th Wind Turbine Towers 2016

IQPC announces the 5th International Conference Wind Turbine Towers 2016

Top 5 News in Towers

Download the news aggregate of the latest and biggest stories in wind turbine towers


Q&A Ion Arocena de la Rua, Nabrawind

Ion Arocena de la Rua, Project Manager and Leader of the Self-Erected Tower Project at Nabrawind, talks to us about this new type of tower that is projected to reduce the cost of XXL towers by 30%, simplify tower logistics, and avoid expensive cranes entirely. 

Q&A Peng Li, Mingyang Wind Power

China is making massive investments in clean energy as the government works to meet climate targets. Chinese wind projects took the global market to a record height when China represented almost half of the new wind installations on a global level in 2015. With a total installed capacity of 30.5 GW (US at 8.6GW and Germany at 6.1 GW), the country is on track to lead the world on wind energy.