Dr. Juan Carlos Lancha Techical Director
1.991 B.S. Civil Engineering
University [UPM] Polytechnic University of Madrid
Specialty Structures and Foundations
1.996 Ph.D. Civil Engineering
University [UPM] Polytechnic University of Madrid
Specialty Hydraulic and Energy
Dissertation title Transient thermal process in dams construction
Awards Best Ph.D. Dissertation of the 1996 UPM Academic Course
Since 1.999 Professor
University [UNED] National Distance Education University
Program International Master's in Theoretical & Practical Application
of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation
Teaching in subjects Advanced Steel Structures Analysis
Advanced Concrete Structures Analysis
Since 2.005 Associate professor
University [UCLM] University of Castilla-La Mancha
Department Applied Mechanics and Materials Science
Teaching in subjects Science and Technology of Materials in Civil Engineering
Mechanics and Dynamics of Solids & Structures
Research activity High Strength Concrete, Concrete Fatigue, Fiber Reinforced
Concrete, Dynamic Behavior of Concrete Under Cyclic Loading
Since 2.014 Member of National Committee AEN/CTN 140/SC2
Spanish technical committee for structural concrete codes
Since 2.014 Member of European Committee CEN/TC250/SC02/WG01
European technical committee for structural concrete codes
1.989 - 1.991 PROES, S.A.
Position Student contributor
Tasks Prestressed concrete bridges design
1.991 - 1.997 HUARTE S.A.
Position Technical Assistance to Civil Engineering Constructions
Tasks Design and construction assistance of civil engineering
structures: Buildings, Bridges, Harbor, Tunnels and Dams
1.997 - 2.000 INGECIBER S.A.
Position Chief of CivilFEM Software Development Team
Tasks Design of CivilFEM software architecture
Consulting engineering in FEM applied to civil engineering
2.000 - 2.011 OHL S.A.
Position Head of R&D and Special Projects
Tasks Lead R&D projects in civil engineering
Design and construction assistance to civil engineering
Since 2.011 PACADAR S.A.
Position Head of R&D and New Products
Tasks Lead R&D projects in heavy precast concrete structures
Since 2.011 ECOVENTIA Wind Towers S.L.
Position Technical Director
Tasks Lead the engineering team designing precast wind towers

Conference Day One

15:00 PM Cutting- edge- technology for pre-stressed concrete wind towers

  • Advantages of concrete towers (cost, maintenance, local content, lifespan)

  • Capacity and flexibility. Mobile factories

  • Integrated design, production, transport and installation

  • High performance concrete and high fatigue strength

  • Hybrid and full concrete