August 21 - 23, 2018

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Towers for Wind Turbines Agenda

Join the 7th International Conference Wind Turbine Towers between 21 – 23 August 2018 in Bremen, Germany.The conference aims to:•Identification of cost drivers to understand site and mar ...

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Q&A Peng Li, Mingyang Wind Power

China is making massive investments in clean energy as the government works to meet climate targets. Chinese wind projects took the global market to a record height when China represented almost half of the new wind installations on a global level in 2015 ...

Q&A with Cristina García Pérez

Download the interview with Cristina García Pérez, Loads & Structral Engineer at Nabrawind, here for free:

Interview with Pacadar Ecoventia

Dr. Ing. Juan Carlos Lancha, Engineering Director, Pacadar Ecoventia, discusses logistics and cost challenges for towers higher than 160m as well as how to improve fatigue performance for concrete towers. Read the full interview here.

Interview witn Max Bögl

Thorsten Betz, Head of Technical Office Wind, Max Bögl, Germany, discusses higher hub heights and Max Bögl’s unique energy storage solution “Water Battery”.

Development of Soft Towers for Wind Turbines

This article, written by Prof. Dr. Holger Lange and Dipl.-Ing. Christian Elberg, describes how to generate a great economic advantage by confrontation with tower structure and load simulation.

Top news and 60 seconds with Yang Liu, Goldwind, on wind turbine towers

Read the latest industry news regarding turbine towers as well as a short interview with Yang Liu, Goldwind.


P.E. Concepts: Potential for weight reduction due to accurate buckling calculation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Lange, Managing Director,  P.E. Concepts, presented at last year’s Wind Turbine Towers conference on how to reduce tower weight. Read the full presentation here.

Hexcrete technology for tall wind turbine towers

Prof. Dr. Sri Sritharan, Civil Construction, and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Iowa State University, USA, presented at last year’s “Wind Turbine Towers” conference on “Hexcrete technology for tall wind turbine towers”. Read the full presentation to find out more.

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